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Do You Know Your Maori Facts?


  1. What is the Maori costume called?
  2. What is the tiki made of?
  3. What is the tiki in the shape of?
  4. Are poi balls used as weapons (eg. hitting your sister over the head) or for dancing?
  5. True of False:

  6. The ancient Maori are thought to be from the mythical Hawaii
  7. A place near Tahiti may be the actual origin of the Maori people
  8. King Kamehameha was thought to discover New Zealand for the Maori people
  9. The Maori people originally inhabited New Zealand during the 1950's (that's the greatest peroid of colonization by Polynesians)
  10. According to this paper, the people of Tahiti are the best wood carvers
  11. Circle the correct response

  12. The land where the Maori were from before arriving in New Zealand had more/less trees
  13. The land where the Maori were from before arriving in New Zealand was warmer/colder
  14. The houses they built in Hawaiki were stronger / weaker against the rain, wind and sun

Great now see how you scored!

1-4 correct answers: Maybe the you think to poi ball is made to eat. Has some gone to your head?

5-9: You're on a good start. You seem to know the stuff well. Just keep twirling those poi (and avoiding your friends and syblings!)

9-12: You're the Maori know-it-all. How about you go around for a day in costume telling the world of your vast knowledge.