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Discover Hula Halau Keiki O Ohana Lokahi: The Spirit of the South Seas.  The studio represents countries throughout the South Seas, including New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and Samoa. 

Whether the dances describe ancient warriors and goddesses or everyday life on the islands, each dance describes a story about the culture of the people from around the South Pacific. Traditionally, the dances were conceived to thank the gods who aided the islanders, to celebrate good fortune, and to pay respect to the various chiefs.  Today at Hula Halau Keiki O Ohana Lokahi they are performed to gain a deeper understanding of the Polynesian culture and to educate and delight audiences far from the Islands.

On of the reasons for the halau is to promote the culture of the inhabitants of the South Pacific.  By learning the dances of Polynesia and the meaning behind the various movements, one can strive to understand and truly experience the dance. Although small, the studio is hoping to help preserve the Polynesian culture. 

The halau has been fortunate to perform for various theatres, numerous multicultural events throughout the country,  corporate functions, international events, and charities.  The halau has also competed and placed in the first and second in the Festival of Dance.

The halau continues to maintain its ties with the Islands in regular visits.

Polynesian dancing represented today by the halau is as much a celebration of life as it is a proud statement of cultural awareness.

Despite what is commonly suggested in modern culture, Polynesian dancing is more than just about a skinny half-clad woman in a grass skirt and coconuts. The dance embodies the culture and it transcends the level of superficial visual entertainment. It is important to understand the meaning, legends, and stories behind the art form; consequently, here are some of the "stories" that accompany our music.