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Welcome to Polynesia and the dances of the South Pacific. We will transport you to the islands of the South Seas with Polynesian dancing and culture. Relax and enjoy "hula dancing" and ancient chants from Hawaii. Entice yourself with Tahitian dancing or relax to the dances of the Maori. Experience the culture.

Imagine yourself on a pristine white beach; the rays from the tropical sun cover you in a blanket of warmth.  The azure sky provides the perfect silhouette for the swaying palm trees overhead. This dynamic setting surrounds the dancers of Hula Halau Keiki O Ohana: The Spirit of the South Seas.  The studio represents countries throughout the South Seas, including New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and Samoa.

I love receiving feedback and comments. Please feel free to record your thoughts and sign  or  view the guest book.

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